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Dog Training

Lets Talk About Leashes!

Dog Training / November 13, 2023
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Choosing the correct types of leashes for training your dog is important. Leashes come in all shapes and sizes and some have a specific purpose or useful tip that comes along with them. This post is going to help you decide what types of leashes to use with your dog and what kinds to avoid when training.

Different types of leashes can help with different portions of a dogs life, these are some good examples of what types of leashes work well for training your pet and things they can be used for. On a day to day basis you should always own a simple 4-6 foot nylon or leather leash for your pet. This type of leash is important for beginner training along with simple daily walks. A simple slip leash is a fantastic training tool for a potty training puppy. They require nothing other than the leash itself to quickly get your dog to the location they need to be without having to fiddle with a collar or harness.

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Slip leads are fantastic for quick trips where the distance you will be transferring your dog is minimal. Chain leashes in a 4-6 foot length are fantastic for dogs who are learning not to chew through their leashes and need something a little more durable though that process. This type of leash should be used until the dog is no longer displaying the leash chewing behavior.

A long line should be used to give your dog more space while still having some form of control. A leash should be an extension of you and long lines are fantastic for building on distance and duration when training.

Most leashes are safe for your pets but there are a few that should be avoided for not just safety reasons but also because they can make training harder. Felxi or retractable leashes should be avoided for anything of substance when it comes to training your dog. Not only can they be unsafe for you but they can also cause fear or injury to your pet. The type of leash that retracts on its own cannot be controlled with ease and should be avoided when training your pet. From experiences when you drop a retractable leash, not only is it loud but it will also move towards the dog quickly which can be scary.

Bungee leashes are another form of leash we should try to avoid. These were created to relieve tension on the leash when your dog pulls, but that form of tension relief that travels through you can also do the opposite and travel the other direction of the leash towards your dog. Think of a rubber band being stretched with you at one end and your dog at the other. This type of leash pressure is ineffective and gives your pet mixed signals when it comes to what you want from your pet. Keeping what you own simple yet effective will help maintain a well mannered more healthy pet. 

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