Your Dog’s Tail

A Story of Love

Your dog tells a story when they wag their tail and that story is about how much they love you! When it’s time for a walk, their tail wags. Treat time? Tail wags! When you say “let’s go to The Collar Club”, that tail wags at the speed of light! Show your dog how much you love them by taking them to play with their friends and their dayplay family in our facility specifically designed for dogs. Your dog can come for dayplay, boarding, grooming and spa services. Our staff is friendly and well-trained in dog behavior to ensure your pup is having the time of their life! Your pup won’t want to leave their favorite destination!

While your pup may not want to leave, we all know when it’s time to go and their loved one is at the door that tail is waggin’ once again. So, let your furry best friend get that tail waggin’ at The Collar Club! Where we determine how we are doing based on the tail wag feedback from the #1!

Tale of the Tail

Did you know that your dog can communicate with you by a wag of the tail? It helps with balance, shows emotion and even makes them a better swimmer. They don’t always know how to wag their tail, it is a learned behavior as a puppy to communicate with their family. Naturally, dogs use it to communicate with their Collar Club family as well!

Resort Services

The Collar Club in the Community

The Collar Club proudly partners with many great organizations in the Kansas City Area.

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Humane Society Dog Paw
Humane Society Dog Paw