Collar Club Community Partners

Community PAWtners

Humane Society of Greater Kansas City

The Collar Club is proud to partner with HSGKC to offer an advanced socialization program for dogs looking for their forever home.

Throughout the year we will be hosting various Humane Society dogs who have already been socialized and played in a group setting. During their stay, they are treated like any other Collar Club guest, as well as working with our training staff on areas of need. Our goal is simple: improve the lives of these pups and work with them so they can find the perfect home.

Our Partnerships

Slagle Fence

Slagle Fence built all the fences at The Collar Club. Build your fence with Slagle and you may get discounts for your dog!

Carly Arnold Design

Carly Arnold is the graphic designer for The Collar Club. She specializes in branding, art direction, typography and illustration.

Artist KC

Chris Bohannon is a local artist that paints one-of-a-kind pet portraits. She can create a custom portrait of your pet that you will cherish for years to come.


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We🖤 Kansas City.

The Collar Club is proud to serve Waldo and the greater Kansas City metro area.

To us, the community-minded people of KC are what make our city great.

When your paws first step foot in Kansas City, you feel like you belong. Everyone always steps-up to be there for one another, which is one of the many reasons this is a community we are blessed to be a part of.