Salon Bather

Sadie Hottman

Sadie Hottman is 23 years old and currently in school studying to become a small and exotic animal veterinarian. She has two dogs, a 9 year old Shiba Inu named Loki and a 3 year old Jack Russell named Koda, as well as a Maine Coon cat named Blu. Sadie says she is very fur-tunate to have these three animals in her life, they have helped me through a lot. She has been in the pet industry for over 4 years but her passion for the industry started when she was young. Sadie’s future goals include owning and operating her own animal sanctuary and veterinary clinic. 

Sadie loves to travel and would love to be able to explore the world and have the opportunity to experience different cultures. She loves to be outdoors, in her free time you can usually find her camping, hiking and fishing. Sadie loves to always remain paws-itive!