Senior Caregiver

Kelsey Trapp

Kelsey has worked with dogs for the past 5 years and grew up with many pets including cats, dogs, lizards, and even a hedgehog. After volunteering and fostering with animal rescues during college and working as a dog bather, she knew she wanted to continue working with dogs.

While working towards her Master’s in Higher Education Administration, Kelsey splits her time between working for UMKC’s Office of Student Involvement and hanging out with all of the dogs in the Collar Club lobby. Kelsey currently has a bearded dragon from MARQ and 3 rescue dogs, including her poodle Freddie Furcury whom you may catch lounging in the lobby next to her.

Outside of work, she enjoys taking her dogs to the park, cooking and baking, and upcycling clothes from local thrift stores.