Required vaccines

All dogs in the facility must be current on the following vaccines: bordetella, distemper/parvo, and rabies. In the interest of bordetella, we defer to the dog’s specific veterinarian on how often it should be updated. In the interest of distemper/parvo, any puppies must have completed all booster vaccinations including the annual booster.

How late can I pick up my dog from the 24 Hour Room? How early can I drop off my dog in the 24 Hour Room?

If you are using the 24 Hour Room and needing to pick up your dog late, we request that they be picked up before midnight. If you can not make that time, we kindly ask that your dog(s) board for an additional night. The 24 Hour Room is not intended or secure enough for overnight boarding. If you need to drop off your dog(s) early before 3AM, we kindly ask that you bring the dog(s) in the evening before. The 24 Hour Room is not intended for long term holding and is not as secure as the main boarding area.

Unaltered status and Age restrictions

Per the Missouri Deptartment of Agriculture, unaltered dogs (not spayed or neutered) are not allowed to be in group play. The general rule is that dogs must be at least 4 months old before they can be in the facility. This age restriction is set in place because most veterinarians wait until a dog is 16 weeks old to give the vaccine. Exceptions can be made for puppies adopted from shelters where the vaccines have to be given when the dog is adopted. It is still recommended that the puppy be 16 weeks old before coming for dayplay for developmental and behavioral reasons.

Papilloma, Kennel Cough, and Fecal parasites

Papilloma is a wart that occurs on and around a dog’s lips, gums, and eyes. It is spread through direct contact and a shared environment with other dogs, like a water bowl. It is usually harmless to the dog, but can be severe in dogs with compromised immune systems. While most common in dogs under the age of 2 years (while their immune system develops), older dogs can get them as well. Incubation time for papilloma is 4 to 8 weeks, and usually resolves in the same time frame as immunity is built. Because of the contagious nature of papilloma, dogs with active warts are not allowed to participate in group play and are not allowed in the facility. Kennel Cough (bordetella) is an upper respiratory infection that is most commonly indicated by a strong cough, often with a “honking” sound. It is transmitted through airborne droplets, direct contact, and infected surfaces, like a shared water bowl. It is highly contagious, but usually easily treatable. Dogs that exhibit symptoms are not allowed in the facility, and can not return until they have completed a round of treatment and symptoms are abating. Fecal parasites (giardia, hookworms, tapeworms for example) can be nuisance and dangerous for your pet. If we notice that a dog's feces has worms in it, they will be removed from group, placed in quarantine, and we will contact the owners immediately. Dogs that are known to have fecal parasites are not allowed to return to the facility until they have completed a course of treatment and have received a clean fecal exam from a veterinarian.

What happens if a dog becomes ill while staying with us?

While we strive to keep all of the dogs in our care healthy, illness are unfortunate and can occur. If we notice that a dog is not feeling well, we will immediately notify the owner and work on a course of action for recovery. If a vet visit needs to happen, we kindly ask that the owner set it up and arrange transport to and from the appointment.

My dog is being put up for a nap, why is that?

While many dogs do not require a dedicated break or nap, at our discretion we may put up dogs for a break in the middle of the day. Some of the higher energy dogs benefit from the behavioral break in the middle of the day. Older or infirm dogs benefit from a break if they are not comfortable sleeping in group. Our nap times are either 1 or 2 hours long and your dog will be out of group from 12-1PM or 12-2PM, respectively.

I feed my dog lunch, can you accommodate?

We are happy to accommodate if a client wants their dog to have lunch. We would kindly ask that you bring in the amount that you want fed of their own food in a non-glass container or a bag. We can provide lunch with our house food for a small fee.


Packages vs. Subscriptions - We currently offer two different ways to purchase dayplay credits.

Subscriptions are monthly, auto-renew, and have a wide variety of credit amounts, and include either half or full day options. Which one to purchase depends on how often you plan on bringing your dog in. Subscriptions work best for people wanting to bring their dog(s) in on a regular, weekly basis. NOTE: Credits that are not used when the package renews do NOT carry over and are forfeit. Packages are single purchases of varying credit amounts. The credits have a one-year expiration time frame, and will not auto renew. Packages are best for people who have an atypical schedule and utilize our services in a more random fashion. NOTE: credits not used at the time of expiration are forfeit.

What happens if my dog gets injured while in a group?

While we work diligently to ensure the safety of all the dogs in our care, injuries can occur. Dogs play with their mouths, teeth, and claws, and in the majority of cases, injuries are an accidental result of exuberant play. If we notice that a dog has an injury, they are pulled from the group to evaluate and owners are contacted immediately to decide on a course of action.

What determines which group my dog plays in?

We separate dogs into play groups by temperament. On a dog’s first day we will conduct a temperament test to determine whether your dog should be in our High, Medium, or Slow energy rooms. Things that are taken into consideration are play style, stress levels, and inter-dog behavior.

My dog has trachea problems, how do you protect dogs in this situation?

If your dog has a trachea that does not allow them to wear a collar, they are fine to be in group without one. Additionally, the staff will be made aware of the issue and instructed not to use their slip leads as normal on the dog. If it would be necessary, the slip leads can easily be made in a makeshift harness that would eliminate any pressure on the throat.


What time do boarding dogs need to be dropped off by?

While we prefer that boarding dogs be in the facility by 5PM, we understand that that time may not work for your schedule. We do kindly ask that if they are going to be dropped off later that 5PM, that they have already been fed dinner.

Are boarding dogs that have passed their temperament test in dayplay every day during their stay?

YES, with some exceptions. If you are boarding your pup(s) for more than {5} nights, please understand that we may give them a day off from group play (if applicable) during their stay. If the reservation is for longer than {10} nights, we may give them 2 or 3 non-consecutive days off during each week of their stay. These breaks are designed to keep the dogs healthy and prevent negative behaviors that can occur when they are overly tired.

What time do boarding dogs get their exit baths (if requested)?

It depends on the time that dog(s) is leaving. If the dog is leaving before 11AM, their exit bath may be done the day prior. In either case, if you prefer that they stay clean after their bath, we can keep them out of the group.

What does a dog’s day look like if they are not allowed in a group or are on a day off?

Dogs that can not be in a group or boarding dogs that are on a day off remain in suites in the boarding area with the caregivers. They have constant access to water and receive restroom breaks roughly every 1.5 - 2 hours.

When boarding, can dogs be free fed like at home?

Unfortunately, no, we are not able to free feed dogs in our facility. The Missouri Dept. of Agriculture only allows us to have food down in an occupied suite for specific time allotments. We are also not allowed to have food in suites overnight.

Suite types/rates

We currently offer three types of suites in our facility, all with tempered glass doors, spacious areas, and consistent air flow (no wire crates!) Standard Suites are the most numerous and are able to accommodate any breed of dog. The sizes vary extensively and our staff will choose the most appropriate one for your dog (or dogs) size. The rate is $48 per dog, per night. Apartments come in two sizes: 5’x5’ and 5’x8’. They are equipped with a raised cot (if your dog can have one) and a camera to view your dog overnight. The cameras in the Apartments are active between the hours of 7PM and 6AM. The rate is $58 per dog, per night. Thunder Suites come in two sizes: 5’x5’ and 6’x6’. These suites have walls that are filled with sound dampening material to make the space significantly quieter for your pup. They are perfect for dogs with noise sensitivity! They are equipped with a raised cot (if your dog can have one) and a camera to view your dog overnight. The cameras in the Thunder Suites are active between the hours of 7PM and 6AM. The rate is $68 per dog, per night.


How long will it take to groom my dog?

Usually, the earliest pickup time for a drop-off salon appointment is 12PM. While we strive to complete all salon appointments in an efficient manner, some appointments take significantly longer than others. Many factors can affect the grooming time: size, breed, age, coat type/condition, and animal temperament to name a few.

What time do grooming dogs need to be dropped off by?

As we do not have set grooming appointment times, we prefer that grooming dogs arrive by 10 AM, however, they are welcome to be dropped off by 12 PM. Any dog(s) that are not in by 12PM will need to be rescheduled.

What’s included in the various salon services?

There are two types of main services offered in the salon: Full Service Baths and Full Grooms. Prices are set by the size and breed of dog. Full Service Baths include a bath, blow dry, brush out, de-shed, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. Full Grooms include a bath, blow dry, brush out, de-shed (if applicable), haircut to owner specification, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. Optional services to add to either are teeth brushing and blueberry facial wash.


What training options do you have available?

We currently offer group training classes, board and train, dayplay and train, and private lessons. For a class schedule and training information please refer to our website.

How do I schedule an evaluation with your trainer?

If you are needing to schedule an evaluation for your dog for training, the easiest and quickest response time will be had by emailing to schedule a time to meet.