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If your pup needs a full groom, basic groom (face, feet and tail), full service bath, or other services, we’ve got you covered.

Here at The Collar Club, we have a full service salon run by Shastie Clendenin, our expert Salon Manager and Pet Stylist with over 15 years of grooming experience.

Pricing & Memberships

At our Salon, we strive to give each dog the attention and care they need.

Visit our pricing & memberships page for the full estimated pricing table.

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Grooming SERVICEs

The Details

Whether it’s a puppy’s first groom or a summer cut on a dog of many years, your pup will always get the royal treatment.

When you arrive to drop your dog off for a day at our Salon, you will have the opportunity to speak with our salon manager to make sure your dog looks perfect. Shastie and her team believe in giving each dog that comes through the door the time and effort they deserves.

Treat your dog to any of the following at our full-service salon:

-Full Groom

-Basic Groom

-Full-Service Bath (No Trim)

-Boarding Exit Bath (No Trim)

-Teeth Brushing

-Ear Cleaning

-Nail Trims


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The Collar Club is here for it all.

Our caregivers are excited to meet you and your dog!

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Grooming FAQs

Why don't I have a specific appointment time?
When is pick-up and drop-off?
Why are your prices estimated and not set in stone?
If my dog is there for dayplay or boarding, can I get them groomed as well?
I need to drop off my dog before you open, can I do that?
What vaccinations are required for my dog to go to The Collar Club?

Collar Club did a great job grooming our mini golden doodle. He got nails clipped and teeth brushed too. I think their pricing is very comparable to other grooming places in the area. Our furry guy also had a fun day playing with friends at their fabulous facility. What a neat place for dogs! We will be back!

– Kris (Kirby's Human)


Had my dog groomed at the collar club today and could not be more impressed! This is hands down the best experience we’ve had with grooming. We will definitely be back for more day play and grooming!

– Anna (Ollie's Human)


What a find! This place is incredible! Our Groomer, Shastie does a fantastic and professional job. The quality was top notch and the price was very reasonable. Great staff and wonderful services all nestled in our Waldo neighborhood!

– Steve (Doug's human)