About Us

The Collar Club is a home away from home for your pup. We focus on the health and well-being of your dog while they play and while you’re away. The Collar Club is a premier dog dayplay and boarding facility featuring spacious play areas and luxury suites. The Collar Club offers innovative spaces, technology driven solutions and ease of access for members. Our premier offerings include a 24-hour access pick up/drop off space secured by a programmable lock, member accessible cameras to watch pets and a no turn away policy (see Club Memberships for more details) to support members during the holiday rush. We provide the best care and convenience to clients through innovation, modern facilities, a fun atmosphere and exceptional customer service. The environment is friendly and inviting for all clients, and more importantly, their pets. We offer luxury suites that dampen the ambient sounds, feel more like home and can even be rented for long term use. Learn about us below!

Meet the Team

Connor and Alan

Connor and Alan are lifelong friends who have deep roots in the Kansas City area. Their passion for dogs dates all the way back to their childhood. Throughout the years they have trained and fostered service dogs, worked with shelter dogs and studied animal behavior. Growing up, many days and weeks were spent playing with Kicks (Border Collie), Harmony (Black Lab), Pecos Bill (Golden Retriever) and Venus (Yellow Lab), to name a few. Kicks could have gone pro with her flawless free throw shooting and she never lost a race to retrieve a tennis ball! Years later, Connor and Alan ended up at the same college, the University of Tulsa. While pursuing different paths they always planned new business ventures. Connor moved to Kansas City to become a consultant, while Alan went into the video and live event production world in Tulsa. Well into their careers they came back together to discuss a business that brought them back to their roots…a dog daycare and boarding facility. The Collar Club was born!

Shastie Clendenin

Salon Manager, Pet Stylist

Shastie has more than 16 years of grooming experience. Before moving to Kansas City in 2015 she was the Salon Manager and pet stylist at the Grand Pet Resort and Salon in Ft. Worth. She has worked in several places in the area before finding her new home at the Collar Club. She is excited to be back in the Brookside/Waldo area. In her free time she enjoys playing with all of her rescue animals on her farm in Harrisonville.

Jessica Belcher

Jessica has been in the pet industry for 10+ years and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team. During her time in the pet industry she has completed an in-depth two year apprenticeship on canine behavior and obedience. Along with her dog training experience, Jessica also specializes in teaching canine CPR and basic first aid. She has two dogs at home, Aspen her Australian Cattle Dog and Riley her Jack Russell, which she spends the bulk of her time with. When she isn’t exploring the world you can probably find her teaching Aspen a new trick or snuggling with Riley at home. She is currently working towards becoming an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator and furthering her ability to change the lives of the family pet.

Nate Rieger

Nate has been in the pet industry for 3+ years, but comes to us with almost 20 years of experience in management and business operations. He is also certified in Canine CPR and basic first aid. A huge believer in constant learning, Nate’s focus is on team-building and communication between staff, transparency with clients, and delivering exceptional customer service within all stages of the business. On a personal level, Nate enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and is a giant trivia buff. He can occasionally be seen hosting a weekly pub trivia night at a local Waldo bar. If you catch him in the lobby, don’t hesitate to say hello and introduce yourself- he enjoys meeting new people!

Lilia Thrasher

Lilia attends Park University, where she plays volleyball while studying to become a chiropractor. Her goal is to become an animal chiropractor. She was recently a manager at Williamsburg Pet Hotel in St. Louis and has worked with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Lilia grew up in Georgia and moved to Kansas City 10 years ago. She has five dogs, three cats, a duck and chickens. She has been around dogs her whole life and spends her free time helping animals in need. Lilia has learned through her experience that every animal she encounters has its own story and no two dogs are the same.

Courtney Keeshan

Courtney grew up in Kansas City, having spent most of her early years playing with both family and neighbors’ dogs. At the age of 5, she declared her intention to become a veterinarian. As it turned out, her career and recreation has led her to involvement with animal rescue adoption counseling and fostering, dog walking and one of her favorite hobbies, “Doga” (Dog+yoga). Her passion for dogs is spent gathering their trust and taking the ultimate best care for each canine she encounters.

Jenny Richardson

Jenny is thrilled to be on the team and meet your four-legged friends. She has worked in the animal industry for over 10 years; animals are her passion in life (especially dogs and cats). She is currently mom to a sweet 20 year-old cat named Peaches, who found her in 1999. In her free time, Jenny enjoys painting, thrift store browsing and is currently working up the nerve to learn how to skateboard.

Kelly Cool

Kelly was born and raised in Kansas City and currently lives in the Waldo area with her husband and two dogs, Bella and Bo, both of which are rescue pups. She loves animals of all shapes and sizes. Kelly has never lived in a house without pets, and she has fostered several dogs over the years. She is excited to join the Collar Club team.

Brittney Carter

Brittney is an aspiring artist with a passion for art, fashion and dogs of course. Brittney has two dogs named Roman and Moca. She has been in the pet business for years. Her favorite thing about dogs is seeing their quirky and unique personalities!

Kenna Welch

Kenna has been in the animal industry for several years. She has spent time working as a veterinary assistant and got into fostering dogs and doing rescue after her senior boxer passed away in 2017. She is a huge dog lover, but boxers have a special place in her heart. She is also a musician, playing drums in her free time for a punk rock band. She also works in the healthcare industry, and aspires to become a nurse practitioner.

Carly Arnold

Carly designed the Collar Club branding, logo and many internal website graphics. Please visit Carly’s website for a more in depth look at her work!

Now that you know all about us, come try us out and meet the team in person!